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After Nine Years of Successful Tobacco Prevention Efforts in Clay County, QuitDoc Foundation Bids a Fond Farewell
June 6, 2021

The QuitDoc Foundation was founded in 2006 by two physicians, a pulmonologist and a pediatrician, with a mission to improve overall community health and wellness by reducing the number of deaths in the United States from nicotine addiction and curtailing tobacco and nicotine product use within youth and adult populations through research, education, and prevention.

Since 2012, the QuitDoc Foundation has managed to Community-Based Tobacco Prevention Program in Clay County, serving as the fiscal agent for the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County

This quarter our local Tobacco Free Partnership stayed busy by attending meetings, educating our community, participating in the Clay County Fair, and hosting an end of the year Awards banquet to recognize our outstanding partners and SWAT program.

  The partnership would like to recognize Shelley Luter from the Clay County School board for receiving the “member of the year award” for 2021. Shelley is a great asset not only to the Tobacco Free Partnership but to the community as well. The Partnership would also like to recognize our advisory council members, which included Shelley Luter, Tina Baker, Stephanie Geoghagan, Annie Wallau, and Dell Hoard, for their time and dedication to the partnership.  

The partnership would also like to thank our SWAT coordinator Sheryl Mize, and SWAT advisors, Christine Jump, Lindsay Lafontaine, Jennifer Brymer, Jeanette Burley, Dalphine Tillman, Janet Dobson, Yolanda Grant, Linda Ford, Robyn Tepley, Andrew Sadlo.

Finally, the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County would like to thank the partners, community members, and our SWAT advisors/youth for your time, dedication, and participation. Over the past several years the Partnership has been involved in helping community members by providing them with free resources on how to quit tobacco products, participating in community clean ups, participating in local surveys to help reduce sale of nicotine products, participating in local/national tobacco control observances, hosting quarterly meetings with local members to find ways to make our community healthier, producing quarterly newsletters to give the latest information on tobacco products, meeting with decision makers to educate on the harmful effects of tobacco products, promoting tobacco free events, educating managers at multi-unit housing on the harmful effects of tobacco products, and the list goes on!

Effective July 1st the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County will no longer be under the QuitDoc Foundation. The grant cycle was up for renewal and will now be under Civic Communications. QuitDoc wishes Civic Communications the best in hopes to continue success in the community by promoting a healthier Clay County.