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Clay County SWAT Update!
March 15, 2021

This year the SWAT clubs will observe Take Down Tobacco Day on April 1st .  Unfamiliar with Take Down Tobacco Day? Maybe you know it as its former name “Kick Butts day” which was observed in March of last year. The tobacco industry has marketed to youth and made the appeal of tobacco use as cool, fun, and important, in essence “fooling” them into their agenda to buy, use, and be hooked as a lifetime user at a very young minor.

April 1st will be a day that our Clay County SWAT clubs will reach to gain influence with youth making this generation the first generation to be tobacco free and see that the real “fool” is the tobacco industry. 

How can youth help make this change?  By being involved in SWAT, to work as a team with their club to present local policy changes to the local government, continued education on the dangers of all tobacco forms to their peers as well as the public and continue to gain SWAT club members.  This year welcome April Fools with an educational twist and support SWAT as well as Observe Take Down Tobacco Day.

To receive additional information on the Clay County SWAT programs, please reach out to the Tobacco Prevention Specialist of Clay County Joy Moritz at or the SWAT coordinator Sheryl Mize at