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The Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County Begins Planning for the 2020-2021 Year
September 10, 2020

The mission of the Tobacco-Free Partnership of Clay County is to mobilize community partners to establish long-lasting system and policy changes that promote tobacco-free social norms in order to prevent usage of tobacco products by youth/young adults, encourage and support tobacco cessation, eliminate health hazards of secondhand smoke and decrease the number of deaths due to tobacco products.

Every year we create bylaws for the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County and appoint 5 members from the partnership to be a part of the advisory board. We would like to welcome the following five appointed members and look forward to working with them as part of the advisory board for 2020-2021. Dell Hoard (Business Owner) Shelley Luter (School Behavioral Health Specialist) Stephanie Geoghagen (Project Coordinator at Clay Action Coalition) Tina Baker (Community Partnership School Director) and Annie Sheldon (Director of UF/IFAS Extension Clay County).

The advisory board members will help plan, implement, and evaluate comprehensive interventions with the potential to save lives and improve the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors. The advisory council will assume leadership regarding tobacco control, advocacy, education, prevention, policy development and decision-making.

During the last County commissioners meeting, a member from the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County spoke to County Commissioners to talk about the Partnership. This was a great opportunity to get our name out there and to discuss who and what our partnership is all about. The County Commissioners were able to see how the partnership works with business owners on the advantages of tobacco/vape free environments, why it would be beneficial for multi-unit housing units in Clay County to go smoke/vape free, why point of sale is important, and how we visit local merchants to make sure stores are abiding by standards that have been set concerning product placement, and signage contents regarding Tobacco and Vape products, and how we partner with AHEC (Area Health Education Centers) to promote their alternatives for quitting tobacco and vape products for good.

The Clay County Tobacco Free Partnership is involved at events such as attending health fairs, sponsoring the Clay County Fair, attending Clay County Chamber events, participating in food drives, helping at events with Students Working Against Tobacco, and working on passing laws to create healthier environments for the Clay County Community. If you would like to be apart or learn more about the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County, please feel free to contact Joy Moritz the Clay County Tobacco Prevention Specialist at