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Learn the Benefits of Smoke Free/Vape Free Events in Clay County
March 6, 2020

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County would like to thank the Clay County Fair for their efforts in continuing to promote a smoke/vape free fair event with smoking in designated areas only. The Clay County fair has thousands of visitors each year, and by having a tobacco/vape free event, they are promoting a healthier lifestyle and setting examples to the younger generations for years to come.


Tobacco Free events promote a healthy culture for everyone in attendance, protects nontobacco users from secondhand exposure to tobacco and its potentially deadly effects, makes it easier for people who have quit using tobacco/vape products, to not be exposed to these products or be tempted to start using them again. It also provides a place to show children who may be exposed to smoking daily, that smoking is the exception and not the norm. Tobacco free events are more accessible to people who suffer from asthma, cancer, or other diseases that are negatively affected by tobacco products.


Tobacco free environments save in cleanup and costs because there would be no cigarette butts, vaping products, or dip cans to clean up. It would also reduce the possible risk of fire due to cigarette butts being dropped on the ground or being placed in a trash can while still lit.

Most people prefer tobacco free environments. At a bare minimum people feel that smoking should be strictly controlled by using a designated smoking area. Studies have also shown that the safest and healthiest events are those that prohibit the use of all forms of tobacco/vape products. It has been concluded in worldwide studies by health authorities that there is no safe level of secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, low birth weight, sudden infant death syndrome, serious respiratory conditions, and premature death. In conclusion, best practice would be a 100% smokeless environment. If there is zero tolerance it makes enforcement much easier. There would be no worries about enforcing tobacco use outside of designated areas because it’s stated beforehand that the event is tobacco free, with zero tolerance, therefore no gray area to debate.

For more information please contact the Tobacco Free Partnership at to help make your next event become a smoke/vape free event.