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Clay County Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Clubs Share Information on Smokeless Tobacco During Through With Chew Week!
February 22, 2020

This quarter the Clay County SWAT youth focused on "Through with Chew Week". Although they are concerned with the dangers of vaping, they did NOT want to miss the opportunity to educate their peers on the dangers of smokeless tobacco by raising awareness with the "Through with Chew Week" Campaign.

Through With Chew Week is observed each year on the third full week of February (16th-22nd this year). Of the 3,000 chemicals found in chew, 28 are known cancer causing agents. With Clay County being a rural county, there tends to be a higher number of youth and adults who use smokeless tobacco products.

  The Clay County SWAT youth brought the Through With Chew Week campaign in front of their peers by setting up creative displays noting the number of dangerous chemicals in chew. They displayed tar jars depicting the sticky tar that is left in the lungs of smokers, displayed posters that show the damaging effects of chew on the mouth, lips, gums and jaw bones.  One poster that was created noted specifically that the nicotine content in chew is twice as much as a cigarette.    

The Clay County SWAT clubs did an amazing job reaching out to their peers with posters, display tables and bulletin boards.

For more information on the SWAT program in Clay County, contact Joy Moritz at