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Clay County Students Working Against Tobacco Observe "Through With Chew Week"
February 22, 2019

Through with Chew Week 2019 was observed February 18-22, 2019.  This campaign began in 1989, and provided a platform to educate people about the dangers of smokeless tobacco and encourage those using to quit.  Smokeless tobacco comes in several forms, chewing tobacco, snuff, and dissolvables and at least 28 cancer causes chemicals can be found in these products.  Smokeless tobacco products can also lead to nicotine addiction, cause cancer of the mouth, esophagus, and is associated with diseases of the mouth.
The 2018 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey data revealed that Clay County youth have tried smokeless tobacco products at a rate of 5.3% compared to the state average of 4.4%.  This survey also revealed that youth currently using smokeless tobacco products was 2.0% compared to the state average of 1.7% and 1% of youth admitted using these products on their school campuses.  Although this data might not seem high, Clay County youth are still trying and using at a higher rate than the state average, proving that education and awareness of smokeless tobacco still needs to be addressed.

Several Students Working Against Tobacco Clubs throughout Clay County hosted events to raise awareness about the dangers of using smokeless tobacco and other tobacco products.  Middleburg Elementary School SWAT students created a graveyard to represent the lives that are lost everyday due to tobacco use.  This allowed the SWAT students to educate their peers on the dangers of using tobacco products and show that many lives are lost daily. 

Wilkinson Junior High Student Working Against Tobacco youth provided facts about smokeless tobacco on their morning announcements to educate students about the harmful affects and issues that could come from using smokeless tobacco products.  The SWAT youth also provided a message on bubble gum that was distributed to all students during the last period of the day.  The slogan “Don’t spit, just Quit!” was used to bring additional awareness about why youth should not use smokeless tobacco products and if they have, why they should quit. 

The Students Working Against Tobacco Clubs have done a tremendous job with educating their peers about the overall harmful effects and dangers that are associated with using tobacco products.