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Clay County Students Working Against Tobacco “Leave Their Mark” at Regional SWAT Training
November 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew may have caused a delay in the originally scheduled Regional SWAT Retreat, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of our SWAT youth during the make-up meeting held on November 5, 2016 in Palatka, Florida. Adrianna Belle and Tasha Kent, two of our top students from Wilkinson Junior High School, attended to represent the SWAT Chapter of Clay County. The morning was kicked off with interactive icebreaker activities to introduce themselves to other Region 2 SWAT members and to get to know them for the remaining of the day filled with group activities.

Wilkinson Junior High SWAT Club Members Tasha Kent and Adrianna Belle,
and SWAT Coordinator, Joy Moritz

One of the first topics of discussion at the training was time management. It allowed the SWAT members time to reflect on how to better manage their time and, included an exercise to figure out where most of their time was being spent. This was an excellent tool for them to use in their personal lives, but also a unique way to look at their time management of SWAT events, meeting etc.

Another large portion of the meeting was spent hearing from prospective YAB (youth advocacy board) candidates. “It was impressive to see the students stand up in front of everyone and profess their desire to be the head and the voice of tobacco issues in the state,” said Joy Moritz, SWAT Coordinator for Clay County.

After all the presentations were made, elections were held for Region 2. We are very excited for all the awesome things they will bring to SWAT this year. The Regional SWAT Training is always something to look forward to and this year was very valuable to our SWAT youth. The girls talked the whole way home about their exciting day and look forward to participating next year as well!

If you are interested in joining a SWAT Club in Clay County, please contact Lea Rhoden at or (904) 237-4691 for more information on how to join.