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Melissa McGlynn Joins the QuitDoc Foundation as the Clay County SWAT Coordinator
August 31 , 2015

QuitDoc Foundation would like to introduce Melissa McGlynn as the new SWAT Coordinator of Clay County!

Melissa worked at Mayo Clinic for 5 years as a Patient Care Technician and Clinical Assistant before moving on as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Experience Maker for the YMCA. Living a healthy lifestyle and being involved in the community have been a big part of her life for many reasons. She has two children who attend Orange Park High School, one being a part of SWAT for the last three years. Melissa brings a lot of background knowledge as she has had the opportunity to watch young adults grow in Clay County by expressing what is important to them through meetings, community service, and attending City Council meetings. She has been able to experience this all with the help of the impactful OPHS SWAT Advisor, Christine Jump.  
Melissa McGlynn

“I am very excited to be a part of SWAT. Being given the opportunity to work with the SWAT clubs in the county I not only live in, but graduated from and work in, is an honor. I am looking forward to working alongside Lea Rhoden. Having a team that is mutually as passionate about their work and cause, makes the job that much more motivating and meaningful. We have a lot to get accomplished and I know it is going to be a fantastic year!”

You can reach Melissa with any questions regarding the Clay County SWAT Program at