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Class of 2015 SWAT Youth Reflect on their Work in Clay County
May 29, 2015

Senior SWAT Members throughout Clay County reflected on what SWAT meant to them and shared some of their best memories from participating in such an influential and dynamic school club.

Oakleaf High School

“Students Working Against Tobacco is an amazing club. Being president for two years was an outstanding accomplishment for myself. Experiencing the Summit during the summer of 2014 was one of the most memorable experiences for me. It enlightened me on the awareness of big tobacco companies and how they work. I became more alert of what was going on and paid closer attention to ads and their location. I used that information several times to tell family members and friends about how and why the ads were used.”-Tanzania Withers


Orange Park High School

“Having family who have passed away from cancer related illnesses really makes SWAT hit home to me. I am very thankful to have been in SWAT and very happy to in some small way, been able to honor my family members.”--Destiny Hartin

“The times I spent with my friends doing great things for community and having Ms. Jump as our awesome leader,those are my fondest memories and I wouldn't change a thing!”--Eduardo Umana

“Having a club with so much presence around school is really awesome. Our library case, our cafeteria wall, our school announcements and news segments during special events,they are all my greatest memory because we REALLY made a difference and people at OPHS know what SWAT is.” -- Tawny Sylvester

“My favorite memory from SWAT was talking to underclassmen about the dangers of tobacco. I also loved all the new facts we learned, especially about hookah and ecigs.”
--Katlyn Brown

“My favorite SWAT memory was making the YouTube video with the rest of my great SWAT members.”--Khalial Osborne, SWAT President 14/15

“My favorite SWAT memory was making a music video during my junior year, educating others about tobacco use.”--Cierra Wellons, Vice-President 14/15