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Tobacco Free Partnership Tells Middleburg Students That
They are #NotAReplacement
May 15, 2015

On May 15, the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County participated in the 2015 Student Health Expo sponsored by the Clay County Health Department.

This year the event was held at Middleburg High School where over 1700 students attend regularly. The Tobacco Free Partnership was excited to use the opportunity to further promote and educate the most recent Kick Butts Day campaign, “Not A Replacement”.

Roughly 440,000 people die each year from a tobacco-related disease. In order for the tobacco industry to survive, they need to replace their dying customers with new long-term smokers. 85% of these new tobacco users start between 12-17 years of age.


Joseph O’Hern, the Clay County Tobacco Prevention Specialist commented, “The truth of the matter is tobacco kills close to 1300 Americas every day and according to tobacco industry documents Big Tobacco seek out what they call replacement smokers and more specifically it’s the teenage demographic. We want them to be empowered and educated to tell Big Tobacco they aren’t a replacement.”