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Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County Educates Local Lawmakers on Tobacco Prevention Efforts
December 16, 2014

Senator Rob Bradley and Representative Charles Van Zant and Reprehensive Travis Cummings met with residents of Clay County on December 16, 2014. The annual legislative delegation hearing was held at the Clay County Administration Building and provided a great opportunity for the Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County to update local decision makers of the Partnership’s successes.

Clay Legislative Delegation
Senator Rob Bradley (L) and Representative Charles Van Zant (R) meet the citizens of Clay County

The Clay County Tobacco Prevention Program has been immensely successful since it’s implementation in 2008. Since Quit Doc became the fiscal agent for the Partnership, “Over 10,000 community members and 400 of Clay County educators have been educated on Big Tobacco”, explained Joseph O’Hern, the Clay County Tobacco Prevention Specialist.

The Partnership also shared that the SWAT Chapter in Clay County is working on reducing usage and exposure to tobacco products through many avenues and initiatives. The two main issues that the organization is working on are reducing youth exposure to secondhand smoke and restricting the marketing and sale of flavored tobacco products that entice youth and young adults to become addicted to tobacco.

The Legislative Delegation was also excited to hear that among high school youth, tobacco use dropped from 35% in 2002, to 23% in 2012.  Middle school use of tobacco dropped from 17% in 2002 to 7% in 2012.  New results from the 2014 “Florida Youth Tobacco Survey” will be out soon and those numbers are expect  to drop even lower as the Tobacco Free Partnership has spent a large amount of time educating Clay County students on the harms of Big Tobacco.

The Clay County SWAT Chapter as well as the Tobacco Free Partnership would like to thank the Legislative Delegation for allowing the groups to share the successes and efforts of the tobacco prevention program here in Clay County.

For more information on the SWAT Program in Clay County, contact Joseph O’Hern at