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Clay County Students Working Against Tobacco Representative Speaks to Clay County Legislative Delegation
November 18, 2013

Green Cove Springs - Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) member Joseph Pierre spoke on behalf of the Clay County SWAT Chapter at the annual Clay County Legislative Delegation meeting. The meeting was attended by many county officials and community organizations.

After a week of preparation, Pierre was ready to promote the SWAT program. Mr. Pierre spoke to State Representatives Charles Van Zant and Travis Cummings, in addition to State Senator Rob Bradley, on the goals and structure of the Clay County SWAT Program.

Joseph Pierre makes his presentation to the Clay County Delegation.

"I was nervous, but also really excited," recalls Mr. Pierre. "I know that speaking to our elected officials is very important because we want them to understand how we, as kids, are able to make a difference in our community.”

At the conclusion of the presentation, Pierre thanked Senator Bradley for sponsoring a bill to allow communities to ban smoking on playgrounds. Clay County children are exposed more to secondhand smoke than compared to state averages. Clay County SWAT works to educate the community on the dangers of secondhand smoke in order to reduce youth exposure. The proposed bill would provide additional opportunities to educate students and parents.

For more information on the Clay County SWAT program, contact Joey O'Hern.