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Tobacco Free Partnership Learns Additional Information About Electronic Cigarettes
March 21, 2013

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are essentially nicotine-delivery devices that are relatively new but are gaining a massive following. The battery-powered devices provide inhaled doses of nicotine through a vaporized solution contained in cartridges inserted into the apparatus. No smoke or combustion is involved; the device emits a vapor when used. Often times the use of an e-cig is referred to “vaping”.

In April 2001, after a Federal Court ruled that the FDA did not have the authority to regulate e-cigarettes as drugs or drug delivery devices, the FDA announced plans to regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco product under the Tobacco Control Act in accordance with the Federal Court ruling.

Joey O’Hern, Clay County Tobacco Prevention Specialist commented, “These products are being sold as being a healthier option for you and they aren’t. Becoming tobacco free is about letting go of the need of nicotine not just finding another way to get a fix”.

The local Tobacco Free Partnership of Clay County, which has a broad spectrum of members ranging from the school district to health care providers, recently had an extensive training about electronic cigarettes hoping to educate members on a wide variety of information about e-cigs.

“There are very few scientific studies that have effectively evaluated electronic cigarettes,” said Dr. Barry Hummel, a physician who recently reviewed the current literature on the products.  “All of the current research was conducted on small numbers of patients, and every study published to date suggested the need for further, more comprehensive studies on larger numbers of patients.”

For example, one study released last year by researchers at the University of Athens has shown that the nicotine vapor in e-cigarettes led to an increase in airway resistance, making it harder to breathe and leading to lower levels of oxygen in participants’ bloodstream. 

“Our goal is to educate people on what they believe is a healthier alternative and at the same time keep it out of the hands of the youth in Clay County”, stated O’Hern.

“Remember, no company that sells an addictive substance like nicotine has any interest in helping you quit,” added Dr. Hummel.  “E-cigarettes are not interested in eliminating Big Tobacco.  They are simply trying to become Big Tobacco.”

Why Quit?
A direct mail advertisement for Blu E-Cigarettes encourages smokers to switch, not quit,
putting users at increased risk of heart disease as a result of continued nicotine use.