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Clay County Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Recognize Through With Chew Week
February 17-23, 2013

All it takes is a pinch!

That was the slogan for the Clay County SWAT Through with Chew week activity. Through With Chew Week is a nation-wide tobacco prevention celebration in February that calls to create awareness on the dangers of spit tobacco. SWAT students created an activity that had youth getting the dirty low-down on the effects of spit tobacco.

The Targets

The SWAT youth suspended three clean mouth “targets”, and over 750 students fired “goo-balls” of black tar, yellow staining nicotine, and blood red disease & cancer to illustrate the self-inflicted, devastating health effects of spit tobacco use. Don’t worry, the tar, nicotine and disease “goo” was a mixture of water, corn syrup and food coloring, but it certainly had a gross effect that made the students think twice about choosing to use spit tobacco.

Kiss Me, I Dip

The SWAT youth also talked with each participant about how the tobacco industry targets teens with candy-flavored spit tobacco, and invited them to become involved with other SWAT activities in the community.